Tantric Orchid

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In the 70's, Dr. Herbert Benson's groundbreaking book The Relaxation Response" brought Meditation to the mainstream by scientifically describing the physical benefits arising from "Relaxation". Now in the new millennium the same happening with the growing popularity of Tantra and concepts relating to sacred sensuality.


Fundamentally sensual touch is a connection 'with' the body, unlike purely mental meditation or physical exercise alone. It offers an organic path to personal peace and happiness through a natural experience of pure joy.


Tantra is an immersion into an experience, you realize that you embody the divine, there is nothing else to need or want but that moment. It brings you into the NOW, and connects your sub-conscience brain and physical body together as One.


You will forget the stresses, fears and distractions of daily life, and like Meditation, the Tantra will enhance the Relaxation Response for better health, opening your heart and emotions to happiness.




"This is such an exciting opportunity for our area, thank you for seeing and filling a need."

"I am so grateful for today! That was an amazing experience. I totally, honestly had no idea it was going to go quite that direction, but wow... you give an incredible massage. My pain is largely subsided. I would love to experience any part of that again.

"This is maybe the best massage, Ever!"